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DESAYUNO AL PATRON:                                                                               $13.95

Two eggs, refried beans, fried plantain, Salvadorian chorizo & cheese, sour cream, avocado, 4oz. of steak

and 2 tortillas.                     


DESAYUNO TIPICO:                                                                                       $12.50

Two eggs, refried beans, fried plantain, Salvadorian chorizo & cheese, sour cream, avocado,

and 2 tortillas.


DESAYUNO REGULAR:                                                                                   $8.95

Two scrambled eggs, refried beans, fried plantain, sour cream, and 2 tortillas.


DESAYUNO STEAK:                                                                                       $13.95

10oz. of Carne Asada, served with two eggs, grilled jalapeño, sausage and white toast.


DESAYUNO HONDUREÑO:                                                                             $12.95

Two eggs scrambled with chorizo and veggies, served with sour cream, avocado, grilled jalapeño, and 1 baleada sencilla (homemade Honduran tortilla filled with refried beans, cream and cheese)

CHORIZO CON HUEVO                                                                                   $ 10.25

Two scrambled eggs with Salvadorean chorizo, refried beans, fried plantain, and 2 tortillas.

VERONICA’S OMELET BREAKFAST:                                                                $11.95

Three-egg omelet filled with veggies, sausage & cheese. Served with hash brown patty & white toast.


VERONICA’S BREAKFAST SAMPLER:                                                             $10.95       

Two eggs served with 2 sausage patties, 2 bacon slices, hash brown patty, and white toast.

DESAYUNO SALVADOREÑO:                                                                           $11.25

One pupusa & tamale of your choice, served with refried beans, fried plantains, cheese and sour cream.

PAN CON TODO- large:                                                                                           $5.95

PAN CON TODO-small:                                                                                            $3.50

Scrambled eggs, refried beans, sour cream, sliced avocado and grated cheese, served on our house-made French loaf.


BREAKFAST SANDWICH:                                                                               $5.95

Two over-hard eggs, choice of bacon or sausage patty, provolone cheese served on your choice of a bagel.

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